Young People’s Jury for Film Award 2023

The Young People’s Jury for Film Award for best youth film is selected by the students in year 8a at Sofielundsskolan, Malmö. The prize is arranged by Malmö Kulturskola (Malmö Culture School).
Prize money: 25 000 Swedish kronor


From left: Maria Alwani, Dea Kasembej, Durna Salehi, Aileen Parker, Guuleed Osman, Frans Nordenhök Askander, Sabir Abdullahi Jama, Jacob Al Timmi, Greta Thörn.

Absent: Viggo Kujawa, Mehdi Alshawi, Enduena Selimi, Somaia Shah

Teachers: Elin Heinervall Bondesson, Linda Persson, Tobias Ohlsson

The Church of Sweden Award

The Church of Sweden Award is given to a film for young people that maintains a high level of artistic quality and raises existential, equality and social issues in a way which speaks to both young people and adults.
Prize money: 100,000 Swedish kronor.


Alexandra Dahlström

Guldbagge award-winning actor and director. Icon status after her lead role in Fucking Åmål (Show me love).

Patrik Blomberg Book

Director and musician. Wrote the script and directed the youth film Düsseldorf, Skåne, about synth music.

Erica Lang 

Works as a high school priest in the Pastorate of Malmö. She also works in the  Husie congregation where her work is focused on confirmands and youths.

Jesper Ödemark

Parish educator, long-time BUFF visitor and great cineast – which spills over and into his work with confirmands, youths and adults in Värby assembly outside Malmö.

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