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A number of awards in different categories are handed out during BUFF Filmfestival. All the winners are announced at the Award Ceremony Thursday the 28th of March 2019.

The City of Malmö Children’s Film Award

The award goes to a filmmaker who according to the prize committee has contributed to the best children’s film. Quality and originality are important criteria’s. The winner receives 100,000 Swedish kronor and a statuette.

2019 – 2019 – Fight Girl (director: Johan Timmers)

2018 – The Breadwinner (director: Nora Twomey, Ireland)

2017 – Hunt for the Wilderpeople (director: Taika Waititi)

2016 – Birds of Passage (director: Oliver Ringer, Belgium, France)

2015 – Life according to Nino (director: Simone Van Dusseldorp, The Netherlands)

2014 – Mother, I love you (director: Janis Nords, Latvia)

2013 – Kauwboy (director: Boudewijn Koole,  The Netherlands)

2012 – Isdraken (director: Martin Högdahl, Sweden)

2011 – The Liverpool Goalie (director: Arild Andresen, Norway)

2010 – The Indian (director: Ineke Houtman,  The Netherlands)

2009 – Son of Rambow (director: Garth Jennings)

2008 – Titanics ti liv (director: Grethe Bøe, Norway)

2007 – Förortsungar (director: Ylva Gustavsson och Catti Edfeldt, Sweden)

2006 – Love + Hate (director: Dominic Savage, Great Britain)

2005 – Bonjour Monsieur Shiomi (director: Shemi Zarhin, Israel) and Torkel i knipa (director: Stefan Fjeldmark, Thorbjörn Christoffersen, Kresten Vestbjerg Anderssen, Denmark)

2004 – Tael til hundra (director: Linda Krogsöe Holmberg, Denmark)

2003 – Elina – som om jag inte fanns (director: Klaus Härö, Finland)

2002 – El Bola / The Pellet (director: Achero Manas, Spain)

2001 – There is only one Jimmy Grimble (director: John Hay, Great Britain)

2000 – Kirikou (director: Michel Ocelot, France)

The Church of Sweden Award

The Church of Sweden Award is given to a film for young people that maintains a high level of artistic quality and raises existential, equality and social issues in a way which speaks to both young people and adults. Prize amount: 100,000 Swedish kronor.

2019 – Zen in the Ice Rift (director: Margherita Ferri)

2018 – I Kill Giants (director: Anders Walter)

Young People’s Jury for Film Award

The Young People’s jury for Film Award is coordinated by the educational unit of Malmö’s Department of Culture for Children and Young People (Department of Culture, City of Malmö) and is awarded by a class of secondary school students from Malmö.  Prize amount: 25,000 Swedish kronor

2019 – Harajuku (director: Eirik Svensson)

2018 – Spider Thieves (director: Guillermo Helo)

ECFA Award

Six European films for children and young people are competing for the ECFA Award (European Children’s Film Association Award) at BUFF Filmfestival.

The prize has been created by the European Children’s Film Association and is awarded at a number of international festivals for films aimed at children and young people. The winner from BUFF will go on to compete for the prize for the year’s best film for children and young people, awarded at the film festival in Berlin.

2019 – Fight Girl (director: Johan Timmers)

2018 – I am William (director: Jonas Elmer)

The Region Skåne Short Film Award

Region Skåne’s Cultural Board founded this award for the best short film for children or young people with the purpose to raise the status of short films. Prize amount: 100,000 Swedish kronor.

2019 – My Time (director: Giulia Gandini)

2018 – Tweener (director: Julia Thelin)

Sydsvenskan and BUFF’s prize

Sydsvenskan and BUFF’s prize is awarded for work which has contributed to the development of film for children and young people. The prize amount is 35,000 Swedish kronor.

Some of the previous winners:

2019: Bautafilm

2018: Linda Hambäck

2017: Filmcentrum Riks

2016: Catti Edfeldt

2015: Ulf Synnerholm

2014: Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin and Liv LeMoyne

2013: Lotta and Uzi Geffenblad

2012: Stina Wirsén och Jessica Laurén

2011: Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch

2010: Birger Larsen

BUFF Nordic Star

BUFF Nordic Star is an award which goes to three young actors in recognition of outstanding acting achievements in a film screened at BUFF Malmö Film Festival.

2019 – Gerda Lie (Wildwitch), Jere Ristseppä, (Stupid Young Heart), Iris Høysæter Asserson (Harajuku)

2018 – Mimmi Cyon (Night Child), Alexander Magnusson (I am William), Tage Johansen (Los Bando)

Barnfondens Prize for Best Comedy

Barnfonden’s prize is awarded to the children’s or young people’s film that gives us the best laugh; a film that contributes to more children’s laughter around the world; a film that lets children be children and which gives laughter space. In the winner’s name, Barnfonden awards 10 000 Swedish kronor to one of its development projects, a prize that adds more children’s laughter to the world.

2019 – Halkaa (producers: Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Nila Madhab Panda and Akshva Parija)

Nöjesguidens Prize for Best Film Score

Nöjesguiden’s prize for best film score is awarded to a composer whose music elevates the film experience and intensifies emotions. The score must be original and develop the use of music in film.

2019 – Anna Meredith for the music in Eighth Grade

Children’s Cinema of the Year

The prize is an incentive and an inspiration for those cinemas which have worked actively to develop their ability to cater for younger audiences. The prize is arranged by the Swedish film distribution and educational organisation Biografcentralen, in association with the branch organizations which have financed the award (Sveriges Filmregissörer, Sveriges Filmfotografer, and Regional Resurscentrum). Cinemas are nominated by members of the public through the website www.barnbio.se after which the final decision is made by a jury. The prize amount is 15,000 Swedish kronor.

2019 – Hagabion in Gothenburg

2018: Folkets Bio Regina in Östersund

SF Bio’s Children’s Film Grant

Cinema chain SF Bio’s Children’s Film Grant is awarded annually to support a person who has an idea that can be developed into a Swedish film for children capable of reaching a larger audience. The grant is for 100,000 Swedish kronor.

2019 – Janne Vierth

2018 – Maria Blom, Patrik Ryborn och Anders Weidemann för filmen Monky.