The jurys have spoken and here are the results.

The City of Malmö Children’s Film Award – 100.000 sek

The winning film captivates the audience from the very beginning with its unique screenplay, filled with high stakes, suspense, and well-crafted characters. The film is beautifully directed and showcases a strong cinematic voice. The protagonist’s journey is portrayed through breathtaking realism, and his fragile on-screen performance leads us through heartbreaking dilemmas in a young boy’s life, always maintaining the child’s perspective. This family drama is told in a classical manner but remains unlike anything we’ve seen before. The strong story truly resonates with the audience! Despite the film’s heavy subject matter, its authentic tone is deeply touching and opens up discussions regarding family, identity, prejudice, and human behavior.

Winner: Clenched Fist, directed by Vivian Goffette

The Church of Sweden Award – 100.000 sek

Through nuanced and complex characters, the film depicts young women’s revolt against  men’s violence capital. The film raises questions about class, gender, ethnicity  and social media as a means of power. An emotional portrayal of friendships put to the test, family ties being challenged and the value of unwavering Sisterhood.

Winner: Sisterhood, directed by: Nora El Hourch

Young People’s Jury for Film Award – 25.000 sek

The Young People’s Film Jury Award for the Best Youth Film is chosen by year the students in year eight at Neptuniskolan, Malmö.

This movie tells a relatable and interesting story about leaving your community and finding a new one. It had a fascinating theme reinforced with fitting costumes and beautiful cinematography. This movie keeps you hooked from start to finish with its amazing acting, manuscript and music. The composer and filmmakers’ perfect choice of music and the actors excellent performance make this movie very emotional and touching in every scene. The movie filled you with hope.

Winner: On Earth as in Heaven, directed by: Nathalie Saint-Pierre

Hounarary mention: Listen up!, directed by: Kaveh Tehrani

Region Skånes kortfilmspris – 100 000 kr

With a sense of heightened realism, this horror film instantly draws the viewer in. The focus is fully on the child’s world, and the low camera angle puts us right there with her. The strong use of sound and images builds a tense atmosphere, as our fear is ratcheted up in step with our lead character – a quiet heroine who fully owns the scenes. We are on her side from the very first frame.

Winner: Dusk, directed by: Awa Moctar Gueye

Hounarary mention: Death to the Bikini!, directed by: Justine Gauthier

The lead actor is a strong presence and a child through and through, with her wild and independent spirit.  This is a kind story with bite, a Pippi Longstocking for our time.  Every generation needs stories that reinforce a child’s right to be free, uninhibited by the conventions of the adult world.  Such vehement resistance to puberty and impending adulthood is something many of us will recognize. And the support from her friends stays with you long after the credits roll.


Some films have the ability to tell a simple yet special and also very universal story in a way that just feels right! This is a story about friendship and betrayal, and forgiveness. It ensures it’s okay to be strong but also weak and hesitant at times. It’s about growing up and doing the right thing. About the beauty of imagination and playfulness. The acting performances are excellent and it’s an unforgettable film that show us the importance of standing up for the equal value and rights of all people.

Winner:  Lars is LOL, directed by: Eirik Sæter Stordahl

Barnfondens Award

Lars är LOL is a touching movie about friendship, love, peer pressure, the right to be different and the courage to say I’m sorry. A movie that through a strong story, credible acting, an important theme and general absence of clichés takes its audience seriously. It shows the vulnerability of children – and how digital devices and a somewhat disinterested adult world can add to this. But also, the possibility of change, real friendship and courage. A movie that filled us with both sadness, happiness and hope. A movie that deserves a large audience all over the world. 

Winner:  Lars is LOL, directed by: Eirik Sæter Stordahl

FOMP-priset – 10 000kr

Winner: Jennie Elvö

BUFF Nordic Star

These Nordic actors have made an impression during the year and we would like to highlight them. 

Ahmed Mouhammad for his spot-on portrayal of the charming Mahmoud in the Norwegian comedy Hør her’a! Lyssna på mig!

Kiwi Casslind plays Jackie in Bye Bye Boredom and takes us to exotic places and deep emotions we didn’t know existed. Bye Bye Boredom 

Safira Mossberg does an irresistible and unforgettable job as the little sister in Paradiset brinner –  Paradiset brinner.