Eight films competes for two awards. The Winners are presented on the 15/3.

The Young People’s Film Jury Award

The Young People’s Film Jury Award for the Best Youth Film is chosen by year the students in year eight at Neptuniskolan. The award is arranged by and is arranged by Malmö Kulturskola.

Prize money: 25.000 kr

Jury: åk 8 på Neptuniskolan i Malmö

Jury: Anthony Mijatovic, Remziye Rukiye Cicek, Molly Nelson, Emma Lundqvist, Molly Sundberg, Matilda Karlberg Folkelind, Tage Almqvist och Felix Decolas Månsson.

Participating teachers: Katarina Svenning, Marijana, Sonestedt, Sophie Grimmenstedt, Linda Persson, Tobias Ohlsson

The Church of Sweden Award

The Church of Sweden Award goes to a young people’s film which displays a high level of artistic quality and calls out existential, justice and social questions in a way that touches both young people and adults.

Prize money: 100.000 kr


Peter Pontikis
Director and scriptwriter of, among other things, youth drama Bullets which was given three awards at BUFF 2023.

Jesper Ödemark
Congregation educator, long-standing BUFF attendee and film lover – something that colours his work with confirmands, youths and adults in the Värby congregation outside Malmö.

Jessika Jankert
Scriptwriter, mainly for children and young people. One of the creators of SVT-series Hashtag whose football drama Forever currently available on Netflix.

Erica Lang
Confirmation and youth priest in Husie congregation.

Victor Samuelsson
The 19-year old is on the district board for Svenska Kyrkans Unga (a democratic movement in the Church of Sweden for children and young people) in the diocese of Lund. He is also a trainee in Fosie congregation.

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