Welcome to a film day for the whole family. On the screens, we are showing the year’s best films for the youngest audiences. In the foyer, you can craft, have fika and try animation. 

Dress up! We have filled the day’s programme at Panora with fantastic and imaginative characters and animals. If you want to, dress up as your favourite animal. Face painting is available.

Crafts & activities

Party and crafts with Vännerna på Lunneskär
10:00–13:00. Folkets bio invites you to a fun session of fika and crafts. Build your own puffin nest and place it on Lunneskäret, draw a picture or simply drink some squash and eat a bun. Fika is at 12:30, courtesy of Folkets bio.

Crafts with BRIS
10:00–16:00. BRIS wants to craft stuff! Join them and draw mandalas, make bracelets or get a tattoo. (It comes off in the wash!)

Learn to draw the Vem-characters with Stina Wirsén!
13.00–14:45. Stina Wirsén is an artist and creator of the Vem-characters, known from the books and the films. You can meet Stina at BUFF and draw with her. Lie on the floor, sit in a lounge chair or stand on your head, if you wish; Stina will be there to guide you when you create your own unique Vem-characters.

Try animation
10:00–15:00. Den Pedagogiska Designbyrån invites you to a filmmaking workshop where you can try animal-themed animation. The animation box “Bergman’s kinematograf” lets you act in the animal world, and you can even animate yourself! Smaller animation boxes contain ready-made sets on a smaller scale. Very easy and a lot of fun – no prior knowledge is needed. Just turn up; there’s no need to register. 

14:00–16:00. Ticket is needed. Build your own soapbox car with cardboard, paper and leftover materials. Create your own driver’s license and have your photo taken when sitting in your car in front of a green screen before driving into a classic drive-in cinema to watch a film. For children aged 3-6.

Film programme