The festival is over and we have seen 118 amazing movies that inspired, told and questioned. Some of these films have been nominated in several categories and during the ceremoni last Friday, the winners of this year was announced.

The City of Malmö Children’s Film Award 100.000 SEK

The Breadwinner (Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg, 2017) Director: Nora Twomey


The animated movie The Breadwinner is full of excitement and imagination and tells of a brave Afghan girl who, as a last resort, declares to a boy to help his family. She becomes a family provider and discovers a new world of freedom and danger. Her courage makes her a role model.

The film depicts the lack of gender equality during the Taliban regime and portrays the complexity of Afghanistan, an ancient civilization full of stories and myths that are still relevant. It deals with difficult subjects like violence, female oppression and war in an artistic and innovative way, making it a film that concerns many.

The Church of Sweden Award 100.000 SEK

I Kill Giants (USA, 2017) Director: Anders Walter


Imaginative and engaging about a girls escape into a terrifying world where she fights both literal and figurative monsters. A movie about sorrow and death, yet hopeful, whose shape of fairytale helps viewers of all ages to talk about what’s hardest of all.

The Young People’s Film Jury Award 25.000 SEK 

Spider Thieves (Chile, 2017) Director: Guillermo Helo


The film was incredibly inspiring as it contained very important aspects of life. We saw how it reflects difficulties for young people in the rest of the world. This film really got our jaws to drop. We really saw how lucky we were and there were so many emotions that were awakened in the course of the film.

The theme of BUFF this year was role models and this film really fit into the theme. We thought a lot about how thankful we should be for both family and friends. For the role models we have life. Without them, we would not be the same person today and not have the same security, conditions and opportunities in life. Even though we and a lot of other people around the world are living a good life, we do not always appreciate what we have and we definitely do not take into account our happiness.

This year’s jury is year 9 at Hermodsdalskolan in Malmö, and for the first time prize money is awarded to the winning film.

BUFF and Sydsvenskan’s prize 20.000 SEK

BUFFs and Sydsvenskan’s prize 2018 goes to Linda Hambäck for her work on creating animated children’s world-class children’s films. For all children, it’s a pleasure to get sucked into her movies and experience humor, excitement, playfulness and seriousness. Her artistry is characterized by a clear development and is characterized by a high level of ambition. With her latest film Gordon & Paddy, she takes Swedish animated movies to new heights.

The Region Skåne Short Film Award 100.000 SEK

Tweener (Sweden, 2017) Director: Julia Thelin


Here the wrestling mat is both playground and metaphor. With a clever grip, the film depicts two young girls friendship and relationship in a complex break time.

The emotional life is present in every second and the formative dynamics are so striking that “Tweener” is an obvious winner of Region Skåne’s short film award.

Honorable mention: In love with cinema – by Askar Nurakun


Playful and intriguing visual comedy about a little boy’s dream of being involved. We were struck by the inner and the heat and look forward to following the continuing work of this promising filmmaker.

ECFA Award

I am William (Denmark, 2017) Director: Jonas Elmer

ECFA (European Children Film Association) The winner at BUFF Malmö goes on to compete for the award for this year’s best European film.


From a shortlist of very strong contenders, the jury particularly liked this entertaining, unsentimental and at times very funny tale of a character starting out not at all tough or brave and overcoming their insecurities and feelings of isolation to find their place in the world. With an engaging narrative, some terrific visual flashes and an outstanding central performance by Alexander Magnusson, the European Children’s Film Association Award goes to I am William.

SF Bio’s Children’s Film Grant 100.000 SEK

Maria Blom, Patrik Ryborn and Anders Weidemann for the film Monky.

Children’s Cinema of the Year

Folkets Bio Regina Östersund

Bio Regina works consciously and with a strong commitment to giving children and young people the very best movie experience.

This is done through a wide range of programs, where knattebio, preschool cinema, family cinema, holiday cinema, school cinema, screenings for newly arrived and educational events are repeated.

Regina has shown children’s films since 1992 and has made a long and loving effort for the children’s best interests.

The prize is awarded by the Biografcentralen in cooperation with Föreningen Sveriges Filmfotografer, Filmregionerna and Sveriges Förenades Filmstudios.

BUFF Nordic Star

Mimmi Cyon for the role of Iggy in Night Child

Alexander Magnusson for the role of  William in I am William

Tage Johansen Hogness for the role of Grim in Los Bando

INTERFILM Diploma – new international award

Saturday Church (USA, 2017) Director: Damon Cardasis


A pervasive and credible portrayal of a boy who succeeds in finding love and belonging in a pervasive society. A warm message of acceptance, courage and to dare stand for who you are is credibly conveyed by an amazing actor’s ensemble.