Each year a secondary school class hands out the The Young Peoples’s Film Jury Award during BUFF. It’s a honorable award which’s hard to put a price on, but this year the award will include 25 000 sek.

The Young People’s Film Jury Award will be handed out by year 9 at Hermodsdalsskolan and is organized by the film education unit of the City of Malmö’s Department of Culture for Children and Young People.

– It is honorable as a director / production team to be awarded The Young People’s Film Jury Award during a Children and Youth Film Festival. It’s a price that can not be valued in money. But in the years that I have worked with the Young People’s Film Jury, the question has arisen about the symbolic value of the prize, where the students themselves express that the value of their prize does not weigh as heavily as the value of the other jury groups’ prizes. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we can now announce that the Young People’s Film Jury Award will, for the first time, award 25 000 sek to the winning film, says Linda Persson, Educational Coordinator at the Culture Administration

The films in the competition:


I Kill Giants

Bad Lucky Goat

Jasper Jones

Kiss and Cry

Spider Thieves

Saturday Church

Two Irenes