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The City of Malmö Children’s Film Award

The award goes to a filmmaker who according to the prize committee has contributed to the best children’s film. Quality and originality are important criteria’s. The winner receives 100,000 Swedish kronor and a statuette.

A strong and touching film with a clear child’s perspective on an important and contemporary topic. The director demonstrates great courage in the use of stripped-down imagery, allowing the young actors’ expressions to carry the film. This documentary feel, combined with elements of imagination and playfulness and realistic characters too, results in a film that shows humanity and offers hope in a vulnerable situation.

Los Lobos  (Mexiko, 2019) regi: Samuel Kishi Leopo


The Church of Sweden Award

The Church of Sweden Award is given to a film for young people that maintains a high level of artistic quality and raises existential, equality and social issues in a way which speaks to both young people and adults. Prize amount: 100,000 Swedish kronor.

Being forced to reconsider those expectations of how life should be is their journey, not their destination. In this road movie unexpected characters and changing conditions help traveling companions confront their difficult relationship and clear a path toward their uncertain future. 

Lola (Lolas väg mot havet) (Belgien, Frankrike, 2019) regi: Laurent Micheli


Young People’s Jury for Film Award

The Young People’s for Film Award is coordinated by the educational unit of Malmö’s Department of Culture for Children and Young People (Department of Culture, City of Malmö) and is awarded by a class of secondary school students from Malmö.  Prize amount: 25,000 Swedish kronor

Lola (Lolas väg mot havet) (Belgien, Frankrike, 2019) regi: Laurent Micheli


ECFA Award

Six European films for children and young people are competing for the ECFA Award (European Children’s Film Association Award) at BUFF Filmfestival.

The prize has been created by the European Children’s Film Association and is awarded at a number of international festivals for films aimed at children and young people. The winner from BUFF will go on to compete for the prize for the year’s best film for children and young people, awarded at the film festival in Berlin.

Life without Sara Amat (Spanien, 2019) regi: Laura Jou

Life without Sara captures the precise moment in time dividing the line between childhood from adolscence.  The main caracters, Sara and Pep acts in a wonderful way. Sara with her powerful, strong and determined goals and dreams in life, and Pep with his longing and terrifying love for her, leads the story of discovery and going of the growth process, that will have significance for the rest of their lives.  The casting is wonderful, the cinematography by Gris Jordana is stunning, sensual and close. All together is directes in a spectacular way by Laura Jou, in a film which silences, questions and mysteries fill the vital process of the characters (and audience) meaningly. Its a poetic film that talks about life, looking for ourselves, although the first step is to run away or miss ourselves.


The Region Skåne Short Film Award

Region Skåne’s Cultural Board founded this award for the best short film for children or young people with the purpose to raise the status of short films. Prize amount: 100,000 Swedish kronor.

State of emergency and everyday combined in a striking coming of age story, whose great complexity is made possible by a multifaceted script, and by highly physical and nerve-wrecking photography and acting. We are deeply moved by this film of great artistry and maturity. 

Jarvik (Kanada, 2019) regi: Emilie Mannering 

Special mention: Rain, Rain, Run Away (Frankrike, 2019) regi: Clémentine Carrié

In a world where the adults have stepped down, a new hero emerges. A hero with great charisma who takes us on an emotional adventure. The story moves with a passionate narrative from realism to magic, opening up an artistic experience beyond the beautiful images and environments. 


BUFF Nordic Star

BUFF Nordic Star is an award which goes to three young actors in recognition of outstanding acting achievements in a film screened at BUFF Malmö Film Festival.

Benoni Brox Kane as Gabriel in The Kicksled Choir

Ylvali Rurling as Julia in Jag, Julia

Hafrun Arna Johannsdottir as  Lisa in XY 

Barnfondens Prize for Best Comedy

Barnfonden’s prize is awarded to the children’s or young people’s film that gives us the best laugh; a film that contributes to more children’s laughter around the world; a film that lets children be children and which gives laughter space. In the winner’s name, Barnfonden awards 100.000 Swedish kronor to one of its development projects, a prize that adds more children’s laughter to the world.

The Kings of Mulberry Street (Indien, 2019) Regi: Judy Naidoo

FOMP Award 

10.000 kr is handed out to an organization or person who has worked to promote, run or strengthen film and media education. 

Anna Brodin & Miranda Larsson från Lynx Studios



Is an international diploma handed out by the Swedish church.

Formative days in the life of a circus performer as a young woman in a small town where everybody knows her name. Facing pressure from all sides to give up her dream before she’s even begun, she remains determined, stays true to her dream and finds a way forward.

The Innocence (Spanien, 2019) regi: Lucia Alemany