In collaboration with the Young Academy of Sweden and LadyBug Festival we are glad to announce our short film competition A Better Tomorrow. The winning film will be screened during BUFF 2019 along with other short films on the same theme.

Everyone who has not reached the age of 20 has the opportunity to participate in the short film competition A Better Tomorrow. You are to freely interpret the theme and create a film for maximun of 15 min. The deadline is November 15 2018.

During the BUFF 2019, March 23-29, the Young Academy of Sweden together with the LadyBug Festival will screen a number of short films on the theme “a better tomorrow”. At the session a number of scientist will be there to follow up on the theme and films with conversations. Among these short films, the winning contribution from the contest will be screened and discussed. We welcome all contributions regardless if you have made film before or not, only your imagination set the limits! 


  • The film has to be linked to the theme “a better tomorrow” (the theme is to be interpreted freely).
  • The film has to be created by children and youths who have not yet reached the age of 20 years.
  • We accept live action, animated and documentaries that are of maximum 15 minutes long.
  • The film will not have been shown to audiences before 2018
  • The deadline is november 15

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Lagerström ( from the Young Academy of Sweden.

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The Young Academy of Sweden

LadyBug Festival