Just over a week before the planned festival in March, we were forced to cancel the entire festival due to the escalating Covid 19 pandemic. Now we can happily announce that a slimmed-down version of BUFF 2020 will be held at the Panora cinema on 27-30 September.

Our goal has always been to return with the festival as soon as a safe and rewarding alternative was possible. With opened cinemas, great adaptation, screenings for a maximum of 50 people and close dialogue with the city of Malmö and cinema Panora, we are back with world class film.

Two opening films, opening stream, digital award ceremony, digital school cinema and exclusive screenings. 

The festival begins on Sunday the 27th with two films, H is for Happiness and The Orphanage. In parallel with the physical screening, the films will be made available for streaming together with Q&A with John Sheedy and Shahrbanoo Sadat, the directors of the films.

For our September version of BUFF, we have programmed a number of fantastic films that have not yet been shown to the audience in Malmö. Among these are our competition films that have the opportunity to win prize money.

The festival opening is followed by three days with a selection of films from this year’s festival program, where the focus is on our competition films and the feature films that are not available in other ways. In addition to cinema screenings, the schools in Malmö are offered 7,500 seats on digital screenings of 48 titles – 4 feature films and 44 short films.

The festival ends festively with a digital award ceremony on 30/9, live from Studio in Malmö and with film guests on link from around the world.

We have missed the cinema and are happy to welcome you back to a new version of BUFF 2020!

See full program here!