Linda Hambäck is this year winner of BUFF and Sydsvenskan’s prize. This prize is awarded to one or more persons who have made a contribution to strengthen the role of film for children and young people.

Gordon & Paddy is Linda Hambäck’s latest film, which she receives BUFF and Sydsvenskan’s award for a prize of 20,000 sek. The film is based on the popular series of books about Detective Gordon by Swedish children’s author, Ulf Nilsson, and treats viewers to a magical journey into the mystery of the forest.

Juryns motivering

BUFFs and Sydsvenskan’s prize 2018 goes to Linda Hambäck for her work on creating animated children’s world-class children’s films. For all children, it’s a pleasure to get sucked into her movies and experience humor, excitement, playfulness and seriousness. Her artistry is characterized of a clear development and characterized by a high level of ambition. With the latest film “Gordon & Paddy” she takes Swedish animated movies to new heights.