After a successful festival we look forward to the film celebration of next year. The news for 2019 is that the opening occurs on Saturday and the festival starts with a family weekend. BUFF 2019 is set for the 23rd through the 29th of March and we can’t wait!

The date of BUFF 2019 is set and the festival will occur March 23-29. The opening of BUFF usually takes place on Monday and the festival ends with the Family Saturday, which is a day with a variety of films and activities for the whole family. News for BUFF 2019 is that the opening will happen on Saturday, along with the previously Family Saturday that will turn into a Family Weekend and start the festival instead of closing it. We believe that this arrangement will improve the festival and make it more available due from several requests from our visitors.

There is yet room for change and everything isn’t set in stone so stay tuned for more!