During the festival films, filmmakers and people who in other ways have contributed to film are awarded for their achievements. At these prices we have several jury members who appoints the winners in each category.

During the festival various films, filmmakers and people will be awarded. For every award there are various jury members who appoints the winner of the year during the BUFF 2018. The jurys of 2018 is:

The City of Malmö Children’s Film Award

The City of Malmö Children’s Film Award was awarded for the first time at BUFF 2000. The prize is given to the filmmaker who, in the opinion of the jury, has contributed to the best children’s film. The winning film should be an innovative film of high quality.

The price amount: 100 000 kr


Pernilla Conde Hellman – Director of Culture, Department of Culture, City of Malmö.

Sylvia Björk –Chairperson, Cultural Board, City of Malmö.

My Gillberg –1st Vice Chairperson, Cultural Board, City of Malmö.

Nicola Rabi – Proxy representative, Cultural Board, City of Malmö.

Myryam Naghibi – Works with international marketing at the Soureh Cinema Organization in Iran.

Torfinn Iversen – Norwegian film director, scriptwriter and film studies graduate. His feature length debut, Oskar’s America was the opening film at BUFF 2017.

The Church of Sweden Award

The Church of Sweden Award is given to a film for young people that maintains a high level of artistic quality and raises existential, equality and social issues in a way which speaks to both young people and adults.

The pice amount: 100 000 kronor


Katarina Vaarning – Jury Chairperson. Priest in Malmö’s Husie Parish. Responsible for work with film within the Church of Sweden in Malmö.

Jesper Ödemark – Educator working with 20 years of experience working with activities for young people and communication in Värby Parish.

Manal Masri – Director and producer. Has worked within theatre, film and radio. Her most recent film is the documentary Letters to a Serial Killer (2017).

Ida Kjellin – Scriptwriter and a film and TV journalist. In her resumé she has Bamse and the Witch’s Daughter (2016), Swedish Television’s TV Christmas Calendar The Secret of the Pirate Treasure (2014) and Swedish Radio’s most recent radio Christmas Calendar Marvinter (2017).

The Young People’s Film Jury Award

The prize is awarded by a secondary school class from Malmö, and organised by the film education unit of the City of Malmö’s Department of Culture for Children and Young People.


Year 9 at Hermodsdalsskolan

Tara Abdul Karim, Hamsa Adad Ali, Iman Al-Hejami, Ahmed Alsaedi, Abdirahman Hersi, Nazia Jahin, Susanne Mahdi, Ilaf Mohamed Sala, Dima Rekabi, Hasanin Al-Humairi, Hassan El-Kassem, Wahid Hassani

The Region Skånes Short Film Award

Region Skåne’s Cultural Committee established the prize for best short for children and young people in 2006, in order to raise the status and importance of shorts within the category of film for children and young people. The prize is awarded at BUFF every year to celebrate the filmmaker who has produced the festival’s best short film. Quality and innovation are important criteria in the choice of the winning film.

The price amount: 100 000 kr


Maria Ward (S) – Chairperson of Region Skåne’s Cultural Committee.

Bella J Tinghammar – Art teacher and Head of the School of Arts in nearby Eslöv Municipality, as well as Chairperson of Skåne’s regional network for schools of music and the arts.

Anders Lorentzi –Teaches bass at the Malmö Academy of Music, at Lund University. He also freelances as a musician in a range of musical constellations

Johanna Pykkö – Director and scriptwriter. She writes episode scripts to the Norwegian tv-drama Heimabane, developing a tv-show and a feature film and three of her shorts has previously been screened at BUFF.

Niclas Gillberg – Festival Director at Uppsala International Short Film Festival.


At BUFF, six European films for children and young people compete for the ECFA Award (European Children’s Film Association Award). The prize is awarded at several international film festivals for children and young people. The winner at BUFF Malmö goes on to compete for the prize for the year’s best film for children and young people which is awarded annually at the Berlin Film Festival.


Mike Tait – Cinema Youth Development Officer at Dundee Contemporary Arts, and Festival Producer for the annual Discovery Film Festival, Scotland’s International Film Festival for Young Audiences.

Mitsuo Tahira – Festival Director, and founder, of Japan’s first international children’s film festival, KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival, which now ranks as one of Japan’s largest children’s film festivals.

Astrid Aure – Festival Director for children’s film festival TIFF Junior in Tromsö, Norway. TIFF Junior is arranged by Tromsö International Film Festival (TIFF), for which Astrid is also head of administration.

Sydsvenskan & BUFF’s price

This prize is awarded to one or more persons who have made a contribution to strengthen the role of film for children and young people.

The price amount: 20 000


Annika Gustafsson – Sydsvenskan

Suzanne Frieberg – Sydsvenskan

Julia Jarl – BUFF

Daniel Lundquist – BUFF