”UM, NO SYNC WITH THE CAMERA, WHERE DID IT GO?” A day of animation workshop means a lot of technical issues, though not as many as you might think. The software we use (Dragonframe) seems to live up to everybody’s expectation and even more. There’s plenty of tricks to learn in addition the the standard use of the animation program and lucky us tutor Mikael is a man full of tips.

There’s been a lot of sequences shot today and everything is going pretty fast. You might say. You can also say that 5 seconds of film isn’t that much. However the teams has full speed in gear and a seemingly bottomless bucket of inspiration.

Animators and Flying Bears

…is not the name of a indie-pop band but a description of Sanne Hellberg and Selina Håkansson. And some characters from their film of course, which is made together with DoP Judit Kájel and Sound Designer Jens Petersen.

The divine sound of a guitar

In the sound booth with Jens Petersen and Fernando Calleja, laying down some tunes and sounds.

3 weeks of shooting (in 2 days)

Three sequences har been made and (some) more to go. The storyboard is both couraging and maybe a bit stressful. Nice though. On the set of the film by Mélanie Vialaneix, Fernando Calleja and Charlie Norberg.

Hands on: Animation

Igor Gimbos is working on the set of this film about a complex relation between a wolf and a rabbit, made with Rebecka Ryngfors and Sven Sosnitski

Done for today. Looking forward to a full day of animation tomorrow!

Peter Wallentin