THE FIRST DAY OF THE WORKSHOP begins with a lecture given by Lotta Geffenblad about Stop Motion technics. Her special field is Cutout which is often made of paper on a so called multi plan table (see her sketch in the photo). Some of the films in this workshop will be made totally out of paper cutouts and some will use different technics.

Lotta showed us some examples from her own films, like this absurd story, and also a film about Lotte Reiniger who made the first Cutout film ever: ”The Adventures of Prince Achmed”

In Reiniger films and in the film about her, you can in a pedagogical way se how Cutouts is made. Another pioneer in Stop Motion is Yuriy Norshteyn who made what some people say is one of the best films ever. He works exclusively analog and you might call him one of the few old school animators there is left.