A LONELY BIRD FINDS HIMSELF IN FRONT OF AN OBSTACLE – a seemingly never ending wall. There shouldn’t be a problem you might think, for a bird, but this one is special. He’s not that good of a flyer. And the thing is, he really wants to get over the wall now. He’s got to.

Mélanie Vialaneix from Strasbourg, France, is an multitalented artist with experience both as an illustrator and engraver. This is her fist Stop Motion-film with puppets:

”When the set is rigged, all wires are up and the puppets are in the air, the filming is  just so fun. There’s been a  great working process, first with the writing and all the feed back from Janne, and now shooting with Fernando and Charlie”.

One small wall for man - A giant leap for a bird

Mélaniex is moving the bird on the set while Charlie out of frame is taking the picture. When the film is finished, the bird will move by himself. Pure magic people, pure magic. Or simply stop motion. It looks great anyway and good for the bird.

Smooth lightning for a fragile bird.
Supporting actors, making the most of the waiting

Peter Wallentin