SHAKING WALLS AND BROKEN GLASS, tripods falling and drags down the roof of the set with it. This is stuff you have to count on when you’re making a movie with 4 bears…

In ”Playing in the snow” (working title) written by Sanne Hellberg and made in to film by her, Judit Kájel, Jens Petersen and Selina Håkansson a lot of things happening. Not only on the set, but in the film aswell. We meet 4 bears in a snow ball fight and when you think you have it all figured out: who’s winning and loosing; who’s good and evil – you’re in for a surprise.

The director Sanne, though, has it all cleared up in her mind:

 ”Everyone knows that the Polar bear, with compition form the Grizzly, is the meanest of all bears and the Panda the sweetest. Well, I always try to capture real life”

Judit, Sanne and Selina - creating Cutout-action/drama
Fragile studio - non fragile tone
Jens recording the sound of footstep in the snow, made my Fernando sqeezing a sock filled with potato flour.
2D Cutout stop motion animation on a DIY-version of a multi plan table in a stop motion animation workshop in a work in progress city called Malmö.

Peter Wallentin