Our program will be officially released in February, but until then, today, we propose you to discover in exclusivity a sneak peek of the feature films selection !

2 Girls (Jeo Baby, India, 72min)
Achu and Anagha are two good friends in 6th grades. One day, they decide to skip class and go out, but unfortunately, this moment of freedom takes a bad turn. After this misfortune, the attitude of theirs parents and teachers toward them change and Achu and Anagha become aware of gender inequalities…Through the thoughts of the two main characters, the movie explores the issues of women from all around the world. 2 Girls raises in an original way the question of women’s empowerment.
European Premiere

Ava (Siamak Kashef Azar, Iran, 80min)
Davoud, a 10-year old wrestler, lives with his father in one of the northern villages in Iran. For him, the only things which matters are wrestling and the happiness of his sister, Ava. Davoud is deaf and he would like to enter the deaf wrestling cup so that he can help Ava who is infertile and suffers from a cardiac disease. However, his family, and especially his father, does not want him to wrestle…
European Premiere


Birds of Passage (Olivier Ringer, Belgium/France, 84min)
For Cathy, it is not always easy to be born on February 29th, especially when for her birthday, her father gives her an egg to hatch. When a duckling is finally born in the presence of her friend Margaux, the duck is convinced that the little girl is its mum. However, Margaux can’t take care of a baby as she’s suffering from myopathy and will soon have to leave for an institution. So her parents decide to get rid of the duckling. When Cathy and Margaux find out that it will probably end up at the abattoir, they decide to go on a trip to save the duckling during which they will learn a lot about themselves…

Hördur (Ekrem Ergün, Germany, 83min)
Aylin is a 17 year old Muslim girl living in Mannheim who is going through a hard time. At home, she has to take care of her little brother as her father working a lot and at school, she’s victim of intimidation. When she finally decides to defend herself, she’s sentenced to do community service at an out of town stable. Even if the beginnings are difficult, she soon becomes friend with the stable owner, Iris and develops a special connection with Hördur, a horse. Aylin even discovers her real passion: riding. Unfortunately, her father wants to go back to Turkey and forbids Aylin to live her passion…
Swedish Premiere

Mina Walking (Yosef Baraki, Afghanistan/Canada, 110min)
Though Afghan women are no longer prisoners in their homes after the ouster of the Taliban, the country’s destabilization after years of war has alienated impoverished women from education. For children like Mina this means the responsibility to work in order to support her family. Thus, she wanders Kabul’s streets selling cheap trinkets to feed her Alzheimer stricken grandfather and her heroin addicted father. But Mina wants to be normal so she secretly attends classes; a decision that sets in motion a chain of events that change her life forever…
Swedish Premiere

I februari släpps det fullständiga programmet men vi kan redan nu avlöja de första filmerna som är klara för att visas på BUFF 2016.

2 Girls (Jeo Baby, India, 2015, 72 minuter)
En film om vänskapen mellan två flickor, Achu och Anagha, och deras ökade medvetenhet om världens orättvisor. Det förtryck av flickor och kvinnor som de upplever blir början på en kamp för ökade rättigheter. Europeisk premiär på BUFF.

Ava (Siamak Kashef Azar, Iran, 2015, 80 minuter)
Davoud är tio år och döv. Det viktigaste för honom är att få hålla på med brottning och att hans storasyster, Ava, som är hjärtsjuk, är lycklig. Europeisk premiär på BUFF.


Birds of Passage (Olivier Ringer, Belgien/Frankrike, 2015, 84 minuter)
När Cathy fyller år får hon ett ägg i present av sin pappa. Ur ägget kommer en ankunge som har svårigheter att simma. Tillsammans med vännen Margaux ger sig Cathy ut på ett hemligt äventyr för att rädda fågelungen.

Hördur (Ekrem Ergün, Germany, 2015, 83 minuter)
Efter att ha hamnat i trubbel tvingas Aylin göra samhällstjänst i ett stall. Hon upptäcker en speciell samhörighet med hästen Hördur, men hennes pappa vill ta allt ifrån henne och flytta tillbaka till Turkiet. Sverigepremiär på BUFF.

Mina Walking (Yosef Baraki, Afghanistan/Canada, 2015, 110 minuter)
Tolvåriga Mina bor i Kabul med sin pappa som är missbrukare och sin farfar, som är gammal och senil. Hon har inget enkelt liv och måste ta hand om dem, men även gå i skolan och jobba. Ett närgånget porträtt av en flicka som lever sitt liv utan att se tillbaka eller stanna upp. Sverigepremiär på BUFF.