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Work In Progress

Tickets: 60kr

Accreditation & gold pass: free

A hugely popular, recurring event at the festival is Work In Progress. This year we will be presenting four upcoming films from Sweden. You get tasters from the movies and the opportunity to have your questions answered by the filmmakers. 

Vem är du, Mamma Mu?


A beloved teddy bear goes missing, and friendships are tested when Kråkan thinks that a cow should be a cow, but Mamma Moo wants to be more than that. When Mamma Moo takes inspiration from the children and wants to create her own moo-sical, she really makes a mess of things.

Participants: Christian Ryltenius, director, Filippa Torstensson, producer



Håkan Bråkan

Håkan Bråkan thinks that Amanda is the most boring babysitter in the world. He must escape so he can win the most important video game competition. This is the beginning of a series of misunderstandings where Håkan gets mixed up with a bunch of thieves. To fight them in the real world, he must use the knowledge he learned from the video game. If he succeeds, he won’t just get to do some gaming in peace and quiet – he’ll also save the whole neighbourhood.

Participants: Ted Kjellsson, director, Malin Söderlund, producer 

LasseMajas detektivbyrå – Skorpionens gåta

Ahead of Valleby’s 500-year celebrations, the town is paralysed by a series of burglaries. When all attempts to stop the thief fail, LasseMaja’s Detective Agency asks the retired master thief, Lillie Ragnarsson, for advice.

Medverkande: Tina Mackic, director, Jonathan Ridings, producer


Forever is directed by Anders Hazelius, and the script is written by Jessika Jankert. The film focuses on Mila and Kia, who have been best friends and football teammates for as long as they can remember. When a new coach arrives, the girls slowly start to drift apart. Mila, who dreams of becoming a football pro, finally sees a chance to succeed – but is winning important enough for which to sacrifice your best friend?

The film is produced by Stefan H. Lindén and Erik Lundqvist at SF Studios Produktion and is distributed by SF Studios and is co-produced with Film i Väst.

Filming starts in May 2022.

Participants: Jessika Jankert, script. (Hashtag, Hammarvik, So Damn Easy Going)

Stefan H. Lindén, producer. (Eagles, Snabba Cash)