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La Traviata, My Brothers And I

Mes FrÈres Et Moi. France. Feature film. 2021. 1:48. Director: Yohan Manca.
Spoken language: Franska.
Subtitles: English.
Age rec. 13+

At home in their French coastal town, a long, sun-drenched summer spreads out before Nour and his older brothers. Nour is thirteen and old enough to work and “be a man”. All of Nour’s brothers are a version of what “being a man” means: Mo, the cheeky gigolo; Heidi, the cunning criminal; and the eldest, Abel, the strict leader. However, Nour is drawn to take lessons in classic song, music that he hears while at his summer job. That “woman’s” occupation clashes with everything that he has learnt at home. A warm and alive film about being yourself.