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Programmet Långfilm – project in development

Accreditation or gold pass only

Programmet Långfilm is a development project by Film i Skåne where we look at three feature film projects that are in the very early stages of development. 

Programmet Långfilm aims to find new voices within feature film in Skåne. Six projects are selected to participate in the project, which lasts for 18 months, and participants focus on the development of a fiction film. Participants receive individual coaching sessions and attend workshops. Each project is assigned a specially selected script coach as well as cash. Once the development project is completed, the participants’ projects should be ready for a funding round and could make it all the way to filming.

Programmet Långfilm is managed by Film i Skåne together with The Swedish Centre for Dramatic Writing. The project is financed through the Swedish Film Institute’s Talent To Watch and the Region Skåne Cultural Committee. 

Lite mer än en kram

“Imagine being 13 and having a sister who is 15. She gets a new classmate, Amanda, who has just moved here from Stockholm. They start hanging out at your house, sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee, watching films – that kind of thing. Later, it turns out that Amanda wants to do things with you, things you could only ever dream about.”

Manne is starting Year 7 and Amanda is starting Year 9 like his older sister, Moa. Their love is doomed from the start – yet neither of them can do anything to stop their feelings. 

Participants: Christian Zetterberg, director, Liselotte Persson, producer, Alexe Landgren and Jesper Cederstrand, scriptwriters.



A young boy is about to play the most important football game of his life while struggling with grief in the wake of his best friend’s death. When he tries to move on, he meets his dead friend’s brother who wants to avenge his death. Their sorrow and anger culminate in rivalry. 

Participant: Filson Ali, filmmaker 



Fifteen-year old Chris pulls the audience into a colourful, creative and pulsating wasps nest of so called “Nipsters”, nazi hipsters. Chris is part of the creative media collective which is pro-climate action and the protection of animals – but above all a better Sweden, for Swedes. Chris confuses identity with belonging, and the belonging she gets from the collective, by standing by nazism, is everything. Chris is offered the opportunity to be a face of the new ‘green nazi’ movement. It’s all or nothing. How many bridges will she burn before t it all comes back to her? 

Participants: Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum, director