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Life’s Mysteries – shorts package

Livets mysterier – kortfilmspaket. . . Director: .
Age rec. 5+

Shorts package about the mysteries of life.

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United Kingdom 2017. Director: Christina Susanna Nerland. 5 min. No dialogue.

A pack of wolves live in the mountains, jumping and playing, but an old wolf slowly begins to waste away. As the seasons pass, the old wolf grows more and more transparent and when the exhaustion has taken over completely, it leaves the pack and flies up into the sky. A film about dealing with death, and keeping memories alive.

Little Grey Wolfy. Spring and Icy Drift

Den Vesle Grå Ulven. Vår og Isen Går. Norway 2017. Director: Natalia Malykhina. 7 min. Language: Norwegian. Subtitles: English.

Winter is coming to an end and the ice in the river begins to crack. It’s now that the curious wolf needs to be careful. In this imaginatively animated film, we come face to face with animals of the forest and join them in their springtime adventures.

Lost in Time

France 2017. Director: 22 students from the Objectif 3D Animation School. 6 min. No dialogue.

Join in an exciting and beautiful animé-inspired adventure! Two children are playing in the temple, when one of them accidentally touches an artefact and time comes to a standstill. Now they have to get time going again. But how are they to do that?

The Pocket Man

Le Petit Bonhomme de poche. France, Switzerland, Georgia 2017. Director: Ana Chubinidze. 7 min. No dialogue.

In an old briefcase there lives a little man. One day, he meets a blind man, and the two become friends. The little man jumps into the blind man’s pocket and from there he helps the blind man to navigate the streets safely. This is an agreement which they are both extremely happy with.

The Theory of Sunset

Теория заката. Russia 2017. Director: Roman Sokolov. 9 min. No dialogue.

In the forest, the stars are shining brightly. The snow crunches and the crows look down from the branches of the trees. A creature is slowly climbing a ladder which stretches its way up, over the treetops. With the help of a coin, the sun comes up and the village comes to life. A playful, beautiful film about life and death and how the Sun makes its way across the sky.