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A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow
6 February, 2019 Buff

Screening is shown the following dates :

- 26/03/2019 - 13:00 - 15:00 - Auditorium: 2 - Panora Q&A

The Young Academy of Sweden and LadyBug proudly present the seminar and short film package A Better Tomorrow. Together we will watch five specially chosen short films that focus on the future.

The selection includes Tom, the winning submission in the short film competition organised by The Young Academy, LadyBug and BUFF Film Festival in the autumn. Tom is about a boy who realises he is completely alone. 

Using the films as a starting point, a group of researchers will lead conversations on internet memes and everyday racism. You will meet a speech therapist, a computer scientist, a film expert, a political scientist and a media and communications researcher.

The seminar is led by Robert Lagerström, Associate Professor in Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and member of The Young Academy, as well as Aase Högfeldt, founder and artistic director of the LadyBug Festival.  

The Young Academy of Sweden is a transdisciplinary academy for a selection of the most prominent, younger researchers in Sweden. Its operations rest firmly on three pillars: transdisciplinarity, science policy and outreach.


LadyBug Festival is an inspiring non profit festival with focus worldwide & cross culture, music, arts, books, stand up comedy and all genres of short films. LadyBug Festival loves to work for diversity and has been a meeting point for a wide audience since 2009.

About the scientist

IDA ROSQVIST is a speech therapist and doctoral student at the Department of Logopedics, Phoniatrics and Audiology at Lund University. She conducts research into language development at school age and the effects of teacher training on a student’s language abilities.

ROBERT LAGERSTRÖM is Associate Professor in Software Systems Architecture and Security, Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He conducts research into complex systems architecture and the change management and IT security of those systems.

ANNA SOFIA ROSSHOLM is a senior lecturer in the Section for Cinema Studies at Stockholm University. She conducts research into Ingmar Bergman, film and literature (adaptations), film education, ecocriticism and film scripts.

DAWAN RAOOF is a political scientist and doctoral student at the Department of Social Work at Malmö University. He conducts research into how staying in different social institutions affects the perceptions and attitudes of children and young people to the society in which they will grow up.

GUNILLA JARLBRO is a Professor in media and communications studies at Lund University. Aspects of her work are related to the areas of gender, media and power.


AASE HÖGFELDT is the founder and artistic director of LadyBug Festival, a film and culture festival with a focus on the environment, equality and human rights. She is a film and TV producer, project manager, production coordinator, director and educator.


Kosovo 2018. Director: More Raca. Language: Albanian. Subtitle: English. Recommended for age: From age 15.

Zana’s brother thinks that a family’s problem should stay within the family. Their mum has been patched up at the hospital, and the family goes quietly home. She’s told not to talk to the police. During the car journey, the siblings discover that their father plans to marry off Zana to an unknown man in Germany. Now it’s up to Zana and her mum to make a brave decision.


France 2018. Director: Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis. Language: French. Subtitle: English. Recommended for age: From age 15.

A live-transmitted computer games tournament is interrupted by armed police, carrying automatic weapons and teargas. Within the gaming community, the phenomenon is known as ”swatting”. Hackers, using an assumed identity, ring up a police hotline with false information about an ongoing tragedy and then watch as the police storm the bedroom of the unsuspecting gamer who’s been chosen as their victim. All of it broadcast in real time over the internet. In the documentary Swatted we journey to the United States, where the phenomenon is a recurring problem.


Sweden 2018. Director: Sosi Chamoun. Language: Swedish, Turkish. Subtitle: English. Recommended for age: From age 15.

A woman goes into a shop to buy sanitary protection. She notices an employee following her as she makes her way around the aisles. A film about prejudice and feeling someone’s accusing looks on the back of your neck. 



Sweden 2018. Director: Elis Lindsten, Hugo Söderberg. Language: Swedish. Subtitle: Swedish. Recommended for age: Från 15 år.

A sad-looking guy with destructive thoughts wakes up to a world empty of people. Everyone is gone, and he is utterly alone. The winner of BUFF’s short film competition for young filmmakers, A Better Tomorrow.


Fucking Cola

Netherlands 2018. Director: Sophie van de Pol. Language: Duch. Subtitle: Enlgish. Recommended for age: From age 15.

17-year-old Stef struggles with a stammer. At his grandma’s party, he wants to tell everyone about his studies on his own – but as usual, his family simply takes over, and fills in the gaps on his behalf. This time, Stef is not going to let himself be silenced. 


  • Recommended age - From age 15

  • Recommended class -

  • Type of Screening - Seminars