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Welcome behind the scenes at BUFF Film Festival!

It’s the volunteers that make this festival possible. The volunteer work and tasks vary according to wishes and interests. You have a unique opportunity to develop together with BUFF, in line with your interests and skills.

As a volunteer you will be accredited. This means that you have access to all film screenings due to availability, the award ceremony with gala dinner, and all our other events during the festival. Of course you can work exactly how much and as little as you like. If you work longer hours you will be offered food.

If you are interested in meeting other volunteers and hear more about the festival, please fill out our form and we will let you know when the next briefing is.

Fields of work

Cinema host

As a cinema host you function as Buffs representative towards the audience. Your work consist of selling and checking tickets, taking care of the audience, presenting films and guests and informing about the festival. Cinema hosts work in teams of 3-4 persons. Important characteristics are that you are open, social and well informed about the program.


This is suitable for the ones with passion for photography and documentation. We need skilled photographers who monitor the festival, ranging from portrait- and news photography to capturing events and mingles. Pictures and video material will be used for social media and for BUFFs webpage during the festival.

Guest host

Every year guests from all over the world come to take part of BUFF. Actors, directors and producers travel far to represent their films during the festival. As a host at our guest department you help our guests address in Malmö. If you like to meet and get to know people from the film industry, this is something for you.

Own initiatives!

We love new initiatives. Do you think that you have something to add to BUFF? Get in touch and tell us about it!