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Theme Role Models: Friends and Family – shorts package

Theme Role Models: Friends and Family – shorts package

Among the adults

De voksnes rækker. Denmark 2017. Director: Maj-Britt La Cour. 24 min. Language: Danish. Subtitles: English.

It’s Rosa’s confirmation party, and her parents are doing their utmost to ensure that it will be as good as possible. But just who is the party actually for? And why do Rosa’s parents want her to give a speech about a ski trip that never happened? Rosa discovers some cracks in the perfect façade, a façade which begins to fall apart, piece by piece.


The Netherlands 2017. Director: Isabel Lamberti. 22 min. Language: Dutch. Subtitles: English.

We follow a group of teenage girls during the course of a day in their home town, in the Dutch suburbs. The story comprises a series of isolated scenes illustrating the emotional emptiness of their everyday life. The girls are hard both in their attitude to one another and others, and a lot of what happens does so off camera. A feeling of distance and a lack of warmth are at the very centre of the film.

The story of Stefano

Histoire de Stefano. France 2017. Director: Ciara Malta. 19 min. Language: French. Subtitles: English.

In the mine a person falls, and on the wall sit Stefano and his dad, who is all set to move, a long way away, to a country where it’s dark and cold. Stefano simply doesn’t know if he wants to accompany his father, and looks to the nature for a sign to indicate how he should act in the face of an uncertain future. Let yourself float along with this beautifully poetic film, and listen to what the forest, the river and the cave give him for answers.

Original titleTema Förebilder: Vänner och familj – kortfilmspaket
Run time
Production country
Target groupTonårsfilm (12+ år), Ungdomsfilm (15+ år)