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Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella
3 February, 2018 Buff

Ciao Bella

Swedish Iranian Mustafa travels to the world’s largest youth football tournament, the annual Gothia Cup, in Göteborg in the hope of losing his virginity. By mistake, he’s taken for an Italian, and in this new role, he finds the courage to approach girls. Especially the one he’s most interested in, Linnea. But why do the girls fancy a dangerous seducer from Italy and not a nice Iranian boy from Lerum? Ciao Bella is about wants and expectations, and the search for identity in a love story with a genuine sense of the here and now.


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  • Category - Feature film

  • Original Title - Ciao Bella

  • Release Year - 2007

  • Spoken Language - swedish

  • Subtitle -

  • Target Group - Tonårsfilm (12+ år)

  • Recommended age - Fromage 13

  • Recommended class - 7, 8, 9

  • Director - Mani Masserrat-Agha

  • Production Country - Sweden

  • Runtime -

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