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Seminar: MIK, democracy and human rights

Seminar: MIK, democracy and human rights
6 February, 2019 Buff

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- 25/03/2019 - 14:00 - 17:00 - Auditorium: 2 - Panora

The concepts of democracy and human rights were for a long time taken for granted. Digitalisation creates new prerequisites for society and its citizens. The role of media and information is central to the transformation of society today. New skills, competencies, knowledge and education are needed to participate as an active citizen during societal transformation. Everyone needs to be literate in media and information. 

MIK is a global project created by UNESCO to ensure that the work for democracy and human rights meets its mark. In a media and information society, MIK is an extension of all human rights, but uses Article 19 as a springboard; everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Media and information related work and education often focus on the technology, but MIK is about shared values; the type of people we want to be, the society we want to live in and what we do with our tools and knowledge. 

The lecture provides an overview of UNESCO’s framework for MIK – its curriculum, a curriculum which fits perfectly with the Swedish one. The many images and films used in the lecture are meant to engage the audience and the full presentation is made available as a dynamic PDF.

As Professor Ulla Carlsson wrote when she titled the launch of the framework in Swedish: ‘A society without media and information literate citizens is no democracy’.

The seminar is organised in collaboration with Föreningen film och mediepedagogik.

FREDRIK HOLMBERG is qualified as a teacher and started Folkets Bio Filmpedagogerna in 1992. Since then he has worked as a film- and media teacher.  In 1995 Fredrik was one of the founders of Film i Skåne and is currently working at Filmpedagogerna Folkets Bio in Gothenburg. 

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