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Film in school day: Film for change and the power of storytelling

Language: Swedish

Registration fee: 800 Swedish kronor (incl. 25% VAT of 160 kr). Includes lunch and coffee.
Register no later than 1 March at

Tickets for the morning seminars can be purchased on the day subject to availability.  

Arranged by Film i Skåne, the Swedish Film Institute, Filmregionerna and FOMP.

Welcome to a film educational inspiration day where we focus on the power of conversation and storytelling.

  • Our guest of honour is Nicolas Lunabba, whose debut novel Blir du ledsen om jag dör? has been praised for humanising young people who are pulled into violence and crime.
  • We get to learn the conversation methodology ”Tala film – Tala Liv”. 
  • We get to meet filmmakers whose films can spark conversation and inspire us to tell our own stories. 
  • We get a crash course in filmmaking with your students.

Licensing and services – all you need to know to make film with your students 

Annelie Medoc, ICT strategist at Lund’s municipality shares her best tips. 

Documentary film and storytelling

Lisa Nyed, Commissioning Editor Documentary Film at Film i Skåne, in conversation with filmmakers Niklas Gyberg Ivarsson (Jävla Pappa, 2023) and  samt Anders Skovbjerg Jepsen (En tyst berättelse, 2023).

Work in progress – Rosa Rugosa 

Ludvig Rodman, Commissioning Editor Short Fiction Film at Film i Skåne interview the director Stella Rydholm Thal. 

The way to finding a language – a conversation with Nicolas Lunabba

Fatima Khayari from the Swedish Film Institute speaks with Nicolas about how literature and film gave him a language and opened doors into worlds far way from his own maybe even a way out of a marginalised and vulnerable position. We shine a light on having no language and violence, and reflect upon how school, sport and culture can work as an antidote to a way into crime. 


13:00 – Panora 2

Workshop ”Tala Film – Tala Liv” Folkets Bio Filmpedagogerna

Non-profit organisation Folkets Bio Filmpedagogerna has worked with film and media education for more than 20 years. Filmpedagogerna will present the interview methodology Tala film – Tala liv. The goal of the methodology is to capture the participants’ individual experiences. During this training session you get to participate in a conversation about film as well as get tips on what to think about when leading such a conversation yourself.