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Barn filmar Malmö

Language: Swedish 

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Free to attend, limited number of spaces.

Det är vår stad is a feature length documentary about Malmö entirely shot by pre-school children. On March 11 the City of Malmö hosts a special screening of the film followed by a panel discussion reflecting on the work with the film. 


The children behind Det är vår stad are aged two to six and come from 21 different pre-schools in Malmö. Seventy-eight educators have led the work with the film. 


The children were tasked with documenting their pre-schools, their surroundings and their city using a film camera. When children hold the camera it becomes possible to see the world through their eyes and their actual perspective.


The goal has been to strengthen the children’s ability to form opinions and exercise the freedom of expression, in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). 


After a special screening of the film it will be discussed from three perspectives: educational, societal and artistic. 


Det är vår stad is produced by Film Fatale AB in collaboration with Swedish Ecstasy Film and the City of Malmö. The project is supported by Atea Sverige AB, BID Möllevången Sofielund, Reggio Emilia Institutet, Region Skåne and the Swedish Film Institute.