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Queen of Niendorf

Königin von Niendorf. Germany. Feature film. 2017. . Director: Joya Thome.
Subtitles: Swedish, English.
Age rec. 8+

It’s summer in the quiet little backwater and 10-year-old Lea thinks the girls have changed and become pretty boring. She would rather hang out with some of the boys, who have dens and rafts and get up to half-crazy stuff. The problem is that they’re all part of a gang and there are no girls allowed. But the boys see that Lea is actually pretty cool – and if she can pass the initiation test then she can join. A film about courage and being accepted for what you are.

The film is shown with both English and Swedish subtitles.
Swedish subtitles : Tuesday 20/3 kl 10:00, Thursday 22/3 kl 10:00
English subtitles: Tuesday 20/3 kl 15:00