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The Master Detective Lives Dangerously

Mästerdetektiven lever farligt. Sweden. Feature film. 1957. 92 min. Director: Olle Hellbom.
Age rec. 8+

Peace reigns in the summer idyll of Lillköping. But appearances can be deceptive – for here there wages a war between the Red Rose and the White. In the midst of this, the old man Gren is found dead. This is a job for the Master Detective Kalle Blomkvist! The Master Detective Lives Dangerously is Astrid Lindgren director Olle Hellbom’s feature debut. A film critic working for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter was overwhelmed: ”He depicts Astrid Lindgren’s story about the murdered man in a fashion so fresh, so funny and so exciting that one wishes that more of those who make thrillers for the adult market were capable of doing likewise is a similarly elegant fashion.”