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Rasmus and the Vagabond

Luffaren och Rasmus . Sweden. Feature film. 1955. 88 min. Director: Rolf Husberg.
Subtitles: None.
Age rec. 6+

The Swedish author and journalist, Siv Widerberg, writing in the newspaper Arbetet following the film’s premiere, wrote: ”If you want to take your kids to see a really funny and enjoyable film , then you should without doubt choose Rasmus and the Vagabond, an Astrid Lindgren adaptation of the highest quality. If you don’t have children, you can simply go and see it anyway, since the author has mastered the difficult art of entertaining both children and adults.” In this, the first film adaptation to feature orphan Rasmus and his friendship with the homeless Paradis-Oskar, the roles were played by Eskil Dalenius and Åke Grönberg. The film was awarded the prize for Best Children’s Film of 1955 by the Swedish magazine Folket i bild.