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Language development for the young

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An afternoon focussing on language development as part of the Bokstart initiative, and supported by Region Skåne and Kulturrådet.

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Come and experience storytime with Lady Busty and Miss Shameless from Drag Queen Story Hour (DQHS). The story and fantasy have no boundaries. During storytime, the world can be exactly as different, big and full of love as it is in reality. Learn more about the thoughts behind the concept, too. 

Luisa Fajte from Lillsjöns Nursery will summarise on the thoughts and feelings that DQSH’s visit evoked among the children. What did the children take away from the experience and how can it be applied to everyday life at nursery?



Even very young children watch films and tell us about their experiences in different ways. Ann Holmgren has directed eight films for the youngest of children and shows four of them, followed by question time. Read about the films on page 7. During the autumn, in cooperation with the children’s section Kanini at Malmö City Library, BUFF showed the films to children between 0 and 3 years old and their parents. Ina Alm shares with us her experiences of the screenings and opens up a discussion around what makes a good film for very young children and how we can think about the role that film has in young children’s lives.



How do children experience a city? And how do they relate those experiences when they make a film of their everyday life in the traffic? Amanda Neleryd from the Real estate, parks and street department of Mamlmö and Per Dahlbeck, from Malmö’s Department of pre-school present a project where nursery school children have been tasked with filming the city and traffic environments they find themselves in every day. The films have been used in discussions between children, teachers and representatives from the Real estate, parks and street department of Malmö, and have been edited to give a taster of what children have to say about the future of Malmö. The work has been undertaken in line with the objectives of the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a development towards one of the UN’s 17 global goals: Goal 11 – Sustainable Development (Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable).