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Best Short Screening – shorts package

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Competition Best Short Film 2018


Paupière mauve. Canada 2017. Director: Gabrielle Demers. 10 min. Language: Catalan. Subtitles: English. Rec. from age 12.

At football practice, Emanuelle can’t take her eyes off Laura, who’s sitting alongside the pitch. When she looks away from the match at the wrong moment, she misses a ball which hits her in the eye. As a result, she has to wear an eyepatch. Did it feel the same way for Laura when their eyes met across the football field? A visual film about longing and identity.

Also screened before Kiss and Cry 


Italy 2017. Director: Alessandro Grande. 15 min. Language: Italian, Afrikaans. Subtitles: English. Rec. from age 12.

Who has a right to health care? Samira lives as an illegal refugee in Italy, and she’s forced to ask for help to ensure that her sick elder brother has a chance of recovery. She keeps her spirits up by singing, something which also gives her brother the strength to keep up his struggle. A powerful film which takes hold of its audience from the very first moment.

Also screened before Jasper Jones

Bog Hole

Myrhull. Norway 2018. Director: Torfinn Iversen. 12 min. Language: Norwegian. Subtitles: English. Rec. from age 10.

Jenny accompanies her mum’s friend and his daughter on a camping trip. The Norwegian wilderness is notorious for its areas of treacherous swamp land, something it’s really best to avoid. When the only adult has to go back to the car to retrieve the forgotten tent poles, the two girls are left alone, with only one another and the wilderness.

Also screened before Girl in Flight

In love with cinema

Kinoman. Kyrgyz Republic 2017. Director: Askar Nurakun uulu. 10 min. No dialogue. Rec. from age 6.

Adventures on VHS cassette are the order of the day for the lucky ones who can buy a ticket to the small village’s makeshift movie theatre. The boy without a ticket tries every trick in the book to get inside. A blindingly elegant adventure with rolling landscapes, video repairs, men on bicycles – and a small boy’s indefatigable endeavours.

Also screened before Paradise 89

Martina, Oh Martina

Martina, Ay Martina. Spain 2017. Director: Fátima Martín. 12 min. Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English. Rec. from age 12.

Martina is in love with a guy, but the question is how to approach him? How can she know for sure that he likes her? Martina decides to make the first move. When it all goes belly up, it feels as if the whole world is falling apart. A lovely film about first love and how difficult it can be.

Also screened before Spider Thieves


Brottas. Sweden 2018. Director: Julia Thelin. 15 min. Language: Swedish. Subtitles: English. Rec. from age 10.

Jaana and Bettan best friends and super close. On the mats in the wrestling hall, they’re awesome. When the perfect harmony between the two girls is disrupted, some strong feelings come to the surface, feelings which are both difficult to understand and overcome. The film is spot on in its examination of issues surrounding power, upbringing – and a friendship which means everything.

Also screened before Two Irenes

Ultimate fails compilation

Sweden 2018. Director: Joakim Thörn. 12 min. Language: Swedish. Subtitles: English. Rec. from age 11.

The sun shines over well-polished lawns, the grey houses stand obediently to attention and a group of 12-year-old boys are hanging around a fence. One of them is filming with his mobile, and several voices are encouraging someone to jump. A boy is balanced high up on the fence, ready to make the leap. Then, it’s done. They run on, and the challenges become all the more hot-headed in the hunt for the best video footage.

Also screened before Bad Lucky Goat


France 2017. Director: Adeline Picault. 14 min. Language: French. Subtitles: English. Rec. from age 13.

Acha and Myriam are two bored 15 year olds who live in a tower block on an urban estate in France. One day, Sam, the leader of a local gang, asks them to keep a lookout outside one of the buildings. They’re both interested in him, and fantasise about him being a wolf. Elated, the girls accept their assignment.

Also screened before Saturday Church