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For the Very Youngest – shorts package

För de yngsta – kortfilmspaket. . . Director: .
Age rec. 3+

Kortfilmspaket för de yngsta

Small Forest Stories

Povesti iz gozda. Russia 2017. Director: Veronika Fedorova. 3 min. No dialogue.

Small Forest Stories – short stories from the woods. About friendship and playing in the forest. Short woodland stories about how alike we all are who live on this planet. And that a little fox can still be best in the world at tracking things down.


Ameise. Germany 2017. Director: Julia Ocker. 4 min. No dialogue.

The ants work together in perfect harmony, but one of them just does everything their own way. Julia Ocker’s earlier animated films about animals have been screened at BUFF previously, and are characterised by their split second timing and generous helpings of humour for the very youngest.

The Cloud and the Whale

Тучка и Кит. Russia 2016. Director: Alyona Tomilova. 4 min. No dialogue.

A small cloud blows over the city, flying through the sky. It follows some birds out to sea. Out above the big blue, the cloud meets an enormous whale who wants to play. When a large ship passes by and washes the whale ashore, it’s up to the cloud to come to the rescue.

Out Fishing

Fisketur. Sweden 2018. Director: Uzi Geffenblad. 9 min. No dialogue

Betty fishes from her potty in the river. The riverside and the trees along its banks abound with animals and birds, but Betty is all alone. How lucky that Betty is a cat full of creative ideas and solutions.

The Fruits of Clouds

Plody mraků. Czech Republic 2017. Director: Kateřina Karhánková. 10 min. No dialogue.

In a woodland glade, surrounded by a dark and menacing forest, live a group of small hairy animals in small caves. They eat the fluorescent fruits that come flying past from far away. One day, one of the creatures plucks up the courage to wander into the dark trees to find the source of the mysterious fluorescent seeds.