Buff filmfestival 21-27 MARS 2020 – 040-30 25 05 info@buff.se

Film and Talks

When films aren’t quite so long, it gives us the added opportunity of having more time to discuss them. When we screen these shorts, we also give you a unique chance to meet filmmakers, ask questions and discuss the films’ themes and origins.

Film and Talks consist of shorter films followed by a discussion. Those who are holding the talks are often directors, actors or other interesting people who are connected to the film’s theme. A moderator is in place to run conversations if necessary, but the most fun is when the audience is curious and asks their own questions. It can be anything from wanting to know more about a normal day for a film director, to asking questions about the importance of the film.

Vintertullen, until recently an old people’s home, is located in the Södermalm area of Stockholm. Nowadays, the building is full of children with their whole lives in front of them. Refugee families with children receive temporary accommodation here, while they’re awaiting the results of their asylum applications. The film gives us some insight into the everyday lives of some of the children living there.
After the screening, there will be a discussion with the film’s director, Anna-My Novotny.

Zahra and her family are from Afghanistan and have applied for asylum in Norway. She dreams of learning to ride a bike, something unthinkable for a girl in Afghanistan. But Zahra doesn’t give up easily – and now she’s in Norway. A film about following your dreams and at the same time maintaining a balance between two cultures. 

Thursday 28/3 Panora – 12:45 – 13:50

Film and Talks 2 – Grimsta Interstice & Double D

Winter approaches Spring in a Stockholm suburb, where we share the thoughts of a number of 14-year-olds about life and the future. Marva and Josefin dream about starting their own business. Ayat is scared of getting old. Madina is a big fan of Raphael from Ninja Turtles, and Leo is all set to move further away to the North.
After the film, there’ll be a discussion with the film’s director, Olga Ruin.

13 year old Puck is proud of not being like the other girls. She’s tough, and makes her own way in life. When she’s away at camp with her fencing club, she gets her first period and is forced to re-evaluate her relationship to her own body and to those surrounding her.

Wednesday 27/3 Panora – 12:15 – 13:15

Film and Talks 3 – Get Ready With Me & Disrepute

Vendela, a victim of bullying, stands up in front of the entire class and shows them her film about how to commit suicide. Her teacher, Lukas, sees this as a cry for help, and begins an active effort to help his student. This marks the start of a power game which goes more and more off the rails, and it becomes all the more unclear just what the intentions of the involved parties really are. A psychological thriller about the need to be seen, whatever the cost.
After the screening, there’ll be a discussion with the film’s director Jonatan Etzler.

The last lesson of the week. Just before the weekend kicks off, the lesson is hijacked by Niclas, who is about to change schools after years of being bullied. Now he wants an explanation. A powerful film about guilt, social conscience and betrayal.