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Reaching the Young Audience at BUFF 

BUFF Malmö Film Festival kindly invites all ECFA members to the BUFF Industry Days March 25-26 2020 and the conference Reaching the young Audience, arranged in collaboration with ECFA. 

In today’s modern media landscape it can be difficult to reach out to the young audience with your films. Moving images are surrounding us and films are available through many different platforms. There is always a new interesting film ready to be viewed, only a few clicks away. Today films are also competing with other content. Young people seem to prefer TV series and there is a great variety of good series to choose from. Also, many youngsters spend a lot of time watching short clips shared on YouTube or through different social media platforms. 
This is something we need to discuss and relate to when we are producing and distributing films for young people. 


The conference Reaching the Young Audience focus on the young people, aged 12-18, and investigates how they are consuming media today, what they want, what they need – and how to reach them with good films. 

During the different program sessions we will discuss these questions from different angles: 

  • The research project Reaching Young Audiences will be presented by Katrine Bouschinger Christensen from the Department of Communication at the University of Copenhagen. 
  • The Filmmakers point of view. We have a look at some current films for young people and discuss how they will reach the audience. 
  • Children and young people as co-creators. Good European examples on how to work together with the target group. 
  • Meet the Teenagers. What do they like to watch and why do they watch it?
  • Film Festival Meetup with the programmers. How do they find relevant films and what is a good film for a young audience? 

The conference will take place from 1 PM Wednesday 25/3 until 12 PM Thursday 26/3. In the evening on the 25th you are all invited to our annual Work in progress where we present the most interesting upcoming Swedish films for children and young people. During the festival March 21-27 more than 120 films from all over the world will be screened. 

The accreditation is now open:
Special offer for ECFA members who has never been to BUFF: We can offer a limited number of new visitors one hotel night for free. Please send an e-mail to if you are interested.