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Work in progress 2024

A recurring item on the programme in which we get to see films that are still in production. At BUFF 2024 we present three films from Sweden and one from Norway. 

Accreditation required

Language: English

Lilla Spöket Laban

Lilla Spöket Laban, the world’s friendliest ghost, is back for new adventures in and around the castle Gomorronsol.

With: Elsa Fröslin, Janca Hodann Söder, Lasse Persson
Producer: Elsa Fröslin & Cecilia Forsberg Becker
Director: Lasse Persson
Scriptwriters: Lena Ollmark, Anders Sparring and Jan Vierth
Production company: Art & Bob Film och Drama, in collaboration with SF Studios, Film i Skåne and Slugger.


Chris, 15, is a nobody without a cause. But things will soon change! Together with her friend Maja she will spend the summer at a camp for youngsters interested in the climate. But what appeared to be an idyllic summer camp turns out to be a front for eco-fascists who want to recruit young people like Chris. 

With: Adam Lunneborg, Sarah Olsson, Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum
Producer: Adam Lunneborg
Director: Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum
Scriptwriter: Sarah Olsson
Production company: Carbs Film

Dancing Queen in Hollywood

Mina and Markus travel to Los Angeles to dance in in a music video with postar Anna of the North. What starts out as the trip of a lifetime proves to be very demanding for Mina when her parents’ relationship is in crisis. What is she to do when she finds out her father is being unfaithful?

With: Thomas Robsahm
Producer: Thomas Robsahm
Director: Aurora Gossé
Scriptwriter: Silje Holtet
Production company: Amarcord

Nelly Rapp

The final part in the trilogy about monster agent Nelly Rapp.

With: Niklas Larsson,Johan Rosell, Sofie Forsman & Tove Forsman
Producer: Niklas Larsson
Director: Johan Rosell
Scriptwriters: Sofie Forsman and Tove Forsman
Production company: SF Studios

Ser du mig

Mo, a 16-year old star football player with a promising future, struggles with his mental health after a deeply traumatic experience – the unsolved murder of his brother. 

With: Filson Ali & Daniel Bezares
Producer: Helene Granqvist & Daniel Bezares
Director: Filson Ali
Scriptwriter: Grace Maharaj & Filson Ali*
Production company: CAMERA X