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Wisdome: Making Magic 3D – A Visual Effects Story

. Short film. 2021. 30. Director: .

Om filmen

Welcome to Malmö Museum's new dome theater. MAKING MAGIC 3D – A VISUAL EFFECTS STORY Making Magic is the story of how visual effects are created for film and computer games - and how they are affected by the natural laws that govern the real world. Join us on a breathtaking journey and discover how effects are created - from equations to explosions. Produced within the WISDOME project by Norrköping's Visualization Center C. We would like to welcome you/you who want to act as test audience to Malmö Museum's new dome theater Wisdome Malmö, a dome theater that opens in the spring. After the film, we talk briefly about the whole experience. The Wisdome Malmö initiative is implemented with support from, among others, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the European Regional Development Fund.