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Theme: The Future


Inspired by Greta Thunberg and other young activists, we will highlight questions about the future throughout the festival. Some of our films are set in or play with the image of the future. Others are set in the present but raise questions that make us think about the world we want to live in and how our choices today affect our future. It may be frightening, but can also be comforting, as we have the power to influence and the power to change.

The UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals are a good foundation for how we view the future. They aim to eradicate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, strive for peace and freedom, and combat climate change. The films in the festival programme reflect these goals and work as important starting points for the discussions we want to facilitate during the festival. The theme The Future runs through the programme as a red thread and will be addressed in our film conversations and seminars.

A Warm Welcome to BUFF 2019