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Press releases

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2018-12-20 New structure of the festival week

2018-12-20 Vinnaren av kortfilmstävlingen 

2018-03-23 Årets pristagare på BUFF

2018-03-20 Världens mest jämnställda festival – BUFF

2018-03-05 BUFF vill sätta barnfilmen på agendan

2018-02-09 Region Skåne dubblerar prissumman till kortfilmspris på BUFF

The Regional Council of Skåne doubles the prize sum for BUFF Short film award, from 50 000 SEK to 100 000 SEK. The prize was established by the Regional Council of Skåne in 2006 with the aim of raising the short film’s status and importance in young cinema.

2018-02-05 BUFF hyllar Ulf Stark

Ulf Stark was a Swedish author and screenwriter. BUFF remembers him as a strong model in children’s culture and following his passing in 2017 honors him as one of Sweden’s largest children’s writers throughout the ages by showing a series of his short films at the 2018 festival.

2018-01-31 Los Bando invigningsfilm på BUFF

This year’s edition of BUFF will open on Monday 19 March with the Swedish premier of the Norwegian film Los Bando – a fast-paced and crazy comedy for the whole family. The film director, and several of the actors, will be in Malmö for the opening ceremony.

2018-01-26 Festivaltema 2018 är FÖREBILDER

The theme for BUFF 2018 is Rolemodels. BUFF’s own role as provider of new, unexpected and different perspectives is equally important every year, but has been especially relevant after 2017 and the #metoo-movement, that has been particularly strong in Sweden and the cultural sector.

2018-01-23 BUFF tilldelades hederspriset Gullspiran på Guldbaggegalan

BUFF has been awarded the honorary award Gullspiran. Festival director Julia Jarl and Head of Programming and Media Literacy Daniel Lundquist accepted the award at Swedish Film Industry’s official, annual awards ceremony in Stockholm.

2017-12-11 Postkodstiftelsen stödjer BUFF filmfestivals projekt för barn på sjukhus

BUFF’s digital platform Buffilusk gives children in hospital the opportunity to watch films from BUFF’s program online. The foundation Postkodlotteriet has decided fund the project.

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