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Evenings at Spegeln

Ready for mingling and film fest? Film experiences are best done together and at the cinema. That’s why BUFF’s evening hangouts are the best place for both film and chat. Welcome to Spegeln!

We meet during the evenings at Spegeln for some film, chit-chatting, music and why not skateboarding? This is the place for just a nice hangout. If you want to attend the world premiere of the Malmö produced Pewpewpew, or meet the YouTubers Monte Fjanton, you easily buy tickets via the links below. Just don’t forget the festival pass.

If you buy the Gold pass, you will get free access to the entire festival. Festival pass and tickets are included.


Tuesday 26/3 17.00–18.30 · SPEGELN A

The maddest reviewer at Youtube is coming to BUFF! Felix Nordh and his Monte Fjanton colleagues Sebasthian Wilnerzon Thörn and Johan Nilsson is coming to BUFF for a preview of a brand new episode of Felix recenserar. Since 2011 the humor group has criticized a big amount of Swedish children and youth films at the YouTube channel Monte Fjanton with its over 150 000 followers.  After the preview, they will stay to answer questions and meet the audience. Read more here.



Wednesday 27/3 17.00–18.30 SPEGELN A

Check out the Autumn’s coolest tv-series before everyone else! The first four episodes of tv-series Dröm (Dream), which premieres Autumn 2019, will be shown during the festival. After the screening, you can meet the main actor and series creator.


Monday–Wednesday 18.00–19.00 · SPEGELNS FOAJÉ

Talkshow with the festival guests!

BUFF always features exciting individuals as guests and on Monday through to Wednesday, at 18.00 at Spegeln cinema, we will meet some of the most current ones for conversation. Secret guests will be revealed in our social media channels the day before, so keep an eye out! 

Read more here.


Get warm before the screening of Skate Kitchen, Monday 25/3 16.30 with the Skate Film Festival Smördgårboard and Tösabidarna. VJ TIK mixes local skate videos, DJ Xem Skaters rock.

Evening screenings



16.30–18.35 Skate Kitchen
Camille and her pals escape from boredom, on their boards in New York’s skater subculture,but end up in big trouble when they start hanging out with the rivals.

17.00–18.45 Land of Glass

18.00–19.00 BUFF Daily

19.00–20.45 PewPewPew
The world premiere of the Malmö produced youth film about teenagers that are desperate to get famous after getting infected by a mysterious virus.  

19.15–20.50 Blossom Valley

21.00– 23.05 El Ángel
Seventeen-year-old angel-faced Carlos is lured into criminal activity which adds adventure, murder, and love to his life. Based on a true story.

21.15–23.00 L’Animale 



16.15–18.10 Twin Flower 

17.00–18.30 Felix recenserar

18.00–19.00 BUFF Daily

18.30–20.40 Let Me Fall
Magnea and Stella’s teenage years centred around drugs, having serious consequences. After 12 years they meet again

19.00–21.00 Nausicaä from the Valley of the Wind

21.00–23.00 School’s Out
A psychological thriller about a teacher’s obsession with his overly intelligent students.

21.15–22.55 Rafiki
A controversial and emotional story about two girls who put a lot on the line in their fight against a homophobic society in Kenya.




17.00–18.30 Preview of Dröm 

17.15–19.00 Old Boys 

18.00–19.00 BUFF Daily

19.15–20.55 Slut in a Good Way 

19.30–20.45 Work in Progress  

21.00–22.45 Eighth Grade
 Golden Globe-nominated Elsie Fisher charms us with her portrayal of a girl in between childhood and adulthood where everything is awkward.

21.15–23.00 Jellyfish 



17.00- 18.45 Night Comes On 

19.00–20.35 We the Animals 

21.00–22.35 Firecrackers
A feminist knockout about Lou and Chantal who are desperate of getting away from the stale small town with its sexism and racism.

22.00–01.00 Afterparty!