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Workshop: Your right to not be discriminated against

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What would you do if, during a lesson, other pupils started to scream profanities about your faith? That’s exactly what happened to Samir. We will watch two short films both showing this event, both with Samir – but with two different endings. Does how Samir reacts having anything to do with the outcome, do you think? We will talk together about discrimination, Islamophobia, and racism. Why does racism exist? What can we do if we are discriminated against? Are protection or support available?

Sara Duerte holds the workshop. Sara works for ‘Malmö mot Diskriminering (MmD)’ (Malmö against discrimination) which has pulled together the short films in association with the film collective RåFilm. 

Everyone who takes part in the workshop will get a copy of the book: “Rätt åt dig – en bok om din rätt att inte bli diskriminerad”.