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Who Takes Responsibility for Swedish Children’s and Youth Films? – Meet the regional production centres

Vem tar ansvar för den svenska barn- och ungdomsfilmen? – Möt regionala filmproduktionscentrum. . . Director: .

BUFF adresses the state of the Swedish films for a young audience. Meet the Swedish Film Institute’s film consultant for children and young people’s film and the Swedens regional decision makers in film production. We will also talk to some film distributors about how the films reaches their audience.

In the first out of three seminars where vi ask who takes responsibility for the Swedish Children’s and Youth Films, we meet four production centers for film: Film i Väst, Film Region Stockholm-Mälardalen, Film i Skåne and Filmpool Nord. How do they view the situation of children and youth film in Sweden today? We have invited the country’s regional authorities in film production to give an overview of the current state of affairs, as well as a their take on what is to come. Is there renewed growth in the interest to tell stories for a young audience? What opportunities and challenges exist? What is needed to raise the status of children’s and youth film and ensure that more films for young people are produced around the country?

Participants: Stephan Apelgren (Filmpool Nord), Lisa Widén (Film Region Stockholm-Mälardalen), Peter Possne (Film i Väst), Joakim Strand (Film i Skåne).

Moderator: Filip Yifter-Svensson

Free entry with Festival Pass or Accreditation.