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The Cloud and the Whale

The Cloud and the Whale
3 February, 2018 Buff

Тучка и Кит

A small cloud blows over the city, flying through the sky. It follows some birds out to sea. Out above the big blue, the cloud meets an enormous whale who wants to play. When a large ship passes by and washes the whale ashore, it’s up to the cloud to come to the rescue.

Screened in the shorts package For the Very Youngest 


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  • Category - Short film

  • Original Title - Тучка и Кит

  • Release Year - 2016

  • Spoken Language - No dialogue

  • Subtitle -

  • Target Group - För de yngsta (3–5 år)

  • Recommended age - From age 3

  • Recommended class - förskolan

  • Director - Alyona Tomilova

  • Production Country - Russia

  • Runtime -

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