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3 February, 2018 Buff


5-year-old Sara discovers one day that she can fly. She feels the butterflies in her stomach, and she floats up into the air. Her mum’s biggest worry is what kind of physical illness can lie behind it. The professors at the hospital rub their hands in glee at the sight of the unique child, but despite numerous examinations, it’s easier said than done to find the source of the “butterflies”. A film for the very smallest about the importance of being allowed to be yourself without compromise, with the message that everything really is possible.


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  • Category - Feature film

  • Original Title - Pirret

  • Release Year - 2007

  • Spoken Language - Swedish

  • Subtitle -

  • Target Group - För de yngsta (3–5 år), Juniorfilm (6+ år)

  • Recommended age - From age 4

  • Recommended class - preschool, 1

  • Director - Kjell-Åke Anderson

  • Production Country - Sweden

  • Runtime -

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