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I Think I Have a Cruch on You

I Think I Have a Cruch on You
3 February, 2018 Buff

Jag tror jag är lite kär i dig

I Think I Have a Crush on You is a short about grooming and is based on real events. Both well-publicised and lesser-known cases, where it’s mainly young girls who have been put through the most appalling experiences. In the film, we meet Nadja, who gets to know a guy, William, online. They flirt a bit, sending innocent messages back and forth to one another, but William soon wants more.

Screened in the shorts packages:

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  • Category - Short film

  • Original Title - Jag tror jag är lite kär i dig

  • Release Year - 2017

  • Spoken Language - Swedish

  • Subtitle - English

  • Target Group - Tonårsfilm (12+ år)

  • Recommended age - From age 12

  • Recommended class - 6, 7, 8

  • Director - Maria Eriksson-Hecht, Maria Eriksson-Hecht

  • Production Country - Sweden

  • Runtime -

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