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Get ready with me

Get ready with me. Sweden. Short film. 2019. 30 min. Director: Jonatan Etzler.
Subtitles: English.
Target group: Tonårsfilm (12+ år), Ungdomsfilm (15+ år)
Age rec. 14+

Vendela, a victim of bullying, stands up in front of the entire class and shows them her film about how to commit suicide. Her teacher, Lukas, sees this as a cry for help, and begins an active effort to help his student. This marks the start of a power game which goes more and more off the rails, and it becomes all the more unclear just what the intentions of the involved parties really are. A psychological thriller about the need to be seen, whatever the cost.
After the screening, there’ll be a discussion with the film’s director Jonatan Etzler.