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BUFF in Sweden

Spider Thieves was shown during BUFF 2018 and were a part of BUFF in Sweden

To make good films more available, BUFF in Sweden is arranged. It is our itinerant festival that travels around the country during the autumns to show selected films from the festival program.

2015 was the start of BUFF in Sweden. A total of 7,000 children and young people got to experience selected films in Norrköping, Umeå, Borås, Växsjö, Kalmar, Hovmantorp, Virserum, Karlstad, and Ystad.

During the years from 2016 BUFF in Sweden has been in:

  • Dalarna (Mora, Orsa och Älvdalen)
  • Jönköping
  • Ystad
  • Gävle
  • Härnösand
  • Sundsvall
  • Torsby