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Seminar: PRV School for copyright

Seminar: PRV School for copyright
6 February, 2019 Buff

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- 25/03/2019 - 13:00 - 13:45 - Auditorium: 2 - Panora

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) presents the PRV School, a website that promotes awareness around copyright. It contains a variety of copyright-related games and exercises and is aimed at students and teachers in elementary school as well as student teachers.

In June 2017, the Swedish Government tasked PRV with an assignment to raise the general public’s awareness of copyright and what it entails. That autumn, PRV was introduced to the Finnish website Kopiraittila Skola, created by copyright organisation Kopoisto. Through licensing rights PRV received from Kopoisto, the Finnish website content has been translated to Swedish and adapted to Swedish legislation and conditions. 

The PRV School also contains teaching material that guides the teacher through the website and copyright and advises on presentation techniques. 

The seminar is held by Catharina Eklund and is organised in collaboration with Föreningen film och mediepedagogik.

Lecture with Catharina Ekdahl

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